"If everything can be a subject for the artist, there would need to be a 'noble' moment in which the subject becomes poetry, otherwise it would all would be trivialized, and everything would just be a source of collection for the (just pseudo) poet. They will say "it's the process". But there must be, also within the process, a chaotic moment, or many chaotic moments, in which the transformation takes place and it actually moves ahead. This moment is what Rômulo Moraes seems to freeze in the poems of Casulos. It is a bit like a meditation, like standing still while it takes shape, but also like a spontaneity, writing almost without realizing it and hoping that wisdom invades the words in a hush (the crux of Twitter). However, the moment is also poisoned by Rômulo, and for the sake of the moment. Everyone knows that haemoglobins, lapis lazulis and bergamots do not inhabit the life of a young man like him, but everyone knows too that these beings are accessible, because – give the writer a moment – they appear in his horizon of alchemical research, which is immediately the horizon of memory and then, soon, that of presence. All put with tweezers, menus, and people, in this becoming. In my view, Rômulo tries to make everything inhabit a state of grace and futility of words. Nothing new, therefore, but real cocoons, nascent models now passed on." - Mario Cascardo

Poetry. 99 p.
Language: Portuguese
ISBN-13: 978-65-80103-47-8